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Assessment Centre/Development Centre (AC/DC)

Cpl Jobs offers its clients professional consultancy services that are part of recruitment as well as employee development. The Assessment and Development Centre is a comprehensive range of activities that support client organisations in making the best use of their employees' potential. Assessment and Development Centre assessments are conducted with the support of experienced Cpl Jobs assessors who provide an independent element of assessment for candidates participating in the processes.

Assessment centre as a recruitment support

The assessment centre provides support in recruitment and is part of the assessment of candidates during individual and group tasks. Its purpose is to assess, in practice, the individual competences relevant to the position for which the candidate is applying. Each candidate involved in the assessment centre is evaluated on the basis of visible behaviour by at least two trained Cpl assessors who supervise the whole process and carry out ongoing assessment of the candidates. The assessors produce a detailed record of the activity which is given to the client and also provide feedback to the candidates who participated in the assessment.

The processes offered by Cpl include full support at every stage of the assessment centre. We offer a wide range of tasks tailored to the needs of the recruitment project and the position - scenarios, simulations, knowledge tests, group discussions, games, presentations and personal tests, such as Lumina Learning, which greatly improve the chances of identifying the desired qualities in a candidate. The positions for which the assessment centre is used are primarily managerial positions and management positions for qualified senior management staff.

Development Centre support for staff development

Cpl provides support to clients within the development centre - a method of assessing the competencies of employees working in the client's organisation. The development centre can be a separate project or can be part of an internal recruitment process or employee development programmes. Project work begins by creating the required competency profile for a given position and examining how employees performing those roles in the company reflect those needs. Employees who participate in this process perform tasks in conditions that are similar to those in which they work on a day-to-day basis. During this time, they are evaluated by independent evaluators who are selected on behalf of Cpl. The evaluators accurately measure the competencies that are being assessed while working in the development center and compare them to the expectations for the position. The end result of the development centre activities are detailed records prepared by the Cpl that include: an analysis of the competencies examined for the position, a description of strengths and areas for development, as well as recommendations for development.

Employers who are aware of the potential of both future and current employees are better able to harness their potential and skills, which in turn translates into a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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