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Work for the future.

Our vision is to be the best in the world at transforming our clients with "total talent" solutions. We can only achieve this by working with great people.


Monika's story

-Team Leader

After 14 years of living abroad, I have found a job in a company that provides me with an international atmosphere, supports me in my further development and creates a background for me where hard work brings not only well-deserved success, but also a good feeling and reward. At CPL I have found great colleagues with whom I share the same values and the joy of working with people. What I appreciate most about CPL and the people in this company is the quality of our service, the human approach and the constant drive to be better.

Monika's story
Lucie Matznerová

Employee benefits

Below are just some of the employee benefits you will receive on and off the job as a member of the Cpl Group.
Health & Wellbeing

Zevo Health our Wellness Partner, EAP, Private Healthcare, Virtual Yoga & Pilates, Eye Testing


Smart Working Practices, Annual Leave, Statutory Leave, Childcare Vouchers (Northern Ireland), Compassionate Leave, Marriage Leave

Your Career, Learning &

Cpl Knowledge 360, Professional Subscriptions, Further Education


Pension, Life Assurance, Permanent Health Insurance, Christmas Saving Facility, Savvi Credit Union, Banking at Work

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Image 2022 10 20 T10 26 08
Image 2022 10 20 T10 26 08
Image 2022 10 20 T10 26 08
Image 2022 10 20 T10 26 08
Image 2022 10 20 T10 26 08
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We are changing the world

"All of us at Cpl Group have a desire to help others. It is encouraging that these ethical values are coming to the fore in the business community in Ireland and abroad.

Personally, I am passionate about ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities and that we become a more sustainable business. With over 13,000 people and over 45 offices, I am confident that the Cpl Group can continue to make a big impact."

Anne Heraty, CEO of Cpl

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Sustainable development