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Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning - innovative psychometrics for this time

An appropriate competency model that supports business needs plays a significant role in the effectiveness, stabilization and development of an organization. The key is the use of tailored recruitment processes, employee development plans and training programmes that realistically empower individuals as well as entire teams. It is desirable to use psychometric tools at all stages of an employee's presence in the organisation, although it is also advisable to pay attention to them before the final decision to join the organisation, even at the recruitment stage.

What is Lumina Learning?

Lumina Learning is a psychometric program and tool that improves organizational performance by supporting business processes by increasing employee and team awareness of their competencies and opportunities for growth. These programs have earned the trust and improved the performance of companies around the world. Training programmes, tailored to the individual needs of the organisation, support participants in developing interpersonal skills and self-awareness, improving team communication and collaborating more effectively. They lead to lasting changes in attitudes and behaviors.

Cpl is certified by two Lumina Learning segments: the Lumina Spark - a psychometric tool that enables the implementation of comprehensive personality research as well as training and coaching for the development of individual competencies for the client's employees, and Lumina Select - a tool that provides support in recruitment processes.

Lumina Spark research and development training for employees working on-site and from home

Lumina's first and most developed product. It is an innovative tool based on Dr. Stewart Desson's groundbreaking research in psychology and psychometrics. Lumina's revolutionary approach manifests itself in the fact that employees are not labeled with individual colors or codes. Lumina Spark assumes an inclusive approach that demonstrates a person's strengths and areas in need of development in an engaging way, highlighting that the competencies we possess can evolve and change. Lumina also clearly and vividly (in the form of a colourful Splash that describes the personality) shows the hidden treasures of the personality that can be drawn upon in professional life, displaying the full competence potential of employees, which is often unconscious or limited by external factors. The overall Lumina profile is dynamic, showing personality in the so-called 3 personalities: natural (how we feel best with ourselves), ordinary (how we normally behave at work) and exaggerated (how we react in unusual/stressful situations/under pressure, which is also internally caused), which makes it possible to observe behavioural tendencies and their possible causes.

Each subscriber can get the following as part of Lumina Spark:

  • An approximately 30-page personal report describing aspects of their personality and areas that need improvement,

  • individual consultation with analysis of the results and the report,

  • 1x2 consultation (with direct supervisor, co-workers) in case we want to use the research results in the work environment.

Teams can also use joint consultations as well as workshops (in person or remotely) to break down the relationships between different personality traits and personality profiles that promote teamwork and understanding.

Lumina is available remotely and also in the form of an app on your phone and QR codes that you can share with other people, allowing you to use it without restrictions (including space) to best understand our team and collaborate with each other.

Each of the packages is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the organization. We also work directly with Lumina partners in different countries and Lumina experts in the region, allowing us to provide the highest quality service.

Lumina Select - a qualitative approach to recruitment processes

Lumina Select is the answer to the need for quality recruitment processes. It allows you to analyse a candidate's profile across 16 competencies and 24 personality traits, clearly showing their potential while offering the recruiter a list of a number of questions that have been identified by the system as potential areas of development for the candidate within the accepted competency model for the role.

It is a short A4 document that offers a very broad picture of the candidate's competencies, which allows us to quickly and efficiently verify whether the person has the traits we are looking for in a candidate in the team and also whether they fit within the competencies set for the specific role. As part of the Lumina Select service, we offer the possibility to order reports and to extend our cooperation by individual consultations with a Lumina expert, who will be consulted on the candidate profiles, and with a support team, who will analyse the profiles as part of the recruitment process.

Lumina Select can significantly help HR departments and improve the recruitment process by shortening competency-based interviews to discuss potential problem cases. It also provides the candidate with a concise report and great experience (Candidate Experience). Such a report can improve the feedback and clarify the reasons why we decided not to hire the candidate or is the basis for the decision to invite him/her to our organization. This not only saves time for the recruiter, HR, or manager but also reduces the risk of recruitment mistakes. Simple, fast, efficient and online.

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