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Permanent Hiring Solutions

Permanent Recruitment

The actual search and preparation of the list of candidates requires a lot of time, money, energy and yet can yield unsatisfactory results. The answer to this problem lies in the experience and in-depth market knowledge of the staffing company. Working with an external recruiter saves time, budget and allows you to focus on other responsibilities and business development.

Cpl Jobs provides a wide range of services and solutions. Specialized teams in a variety of industries provide industry knowledge, support and consultants to find the right people with specific competencies. Deep market knowledge enables us to reach the best people and successfully complete the selection process.

As part of a global organisation with offices in Ireland, the UK, Central Europe and the USA, Cpl Jobs has an extensive database of candidates with a variety of competencies located across multiple locations. The leadership team and experienced consultants have extensive networks of specialists who can complete even the most challenging recruitment processes.

Cpl Jobs specialises in permanent recruitment for:

  • IT

  • Engineering

  • Investments/Banks/Finance

  • Marketing

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • SSC

  • Retail/wholesale

  • FMCG

What makes us different

  1. WE ARE FAMILIAR IN DETAILS WITH THE SPECIFICS OF THE LOCAL MARKET, we know where to look and how to efficiently reach the best candidates.

  2. WE ARE IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH THE CUSTOMER, keeping the customer informed of the progress of the recruitment process and always looking for the best solutions to any problems that arise.

  3. We guarantee the CONFIDENTIALITY OF THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS and an impartial evaluation of the candidates.

  4. WE PROVIDE FREE GUARANTEE SERVICE in case further cooperation with the candidate is not possible.

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