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Executive Search

Executive search - recruiting executives, managers and professionals

Hiring every employee is important to a business, but it is the right recruitment at an executive, managerial, or professional level that can contribute to the success of an organization. Expertise, extensive market knowledge and a personalised approach to each recruitment process are needed to find key candidates who make an impact on the business.

At Cpl, this service is the responsibility of experienced leaders/managers who have deep market and industry knowledge and have led many high-level searches. Cpl's consultants have long-standing and strong relationships with professionals and senior executives across Europe and beyond. Their extensive network of contacts enables them to select suitable candidates who are not currently available in the job market.

Effectiveness of the executive search method

The precondition for the successful implementation of the Executive Search process is a full understanding of the client's specifics, the company's business needs and the specific position for which candidates will be sought. Equally important is the development of a candidate profile together with the client, as well as a market analysis and the determination of ways to reach the right people in the market.

Cpl employees know how important it is, especially in the field of executive search, to be attentive to the needs of both parties: the candidate and the client, and to build a relationship between them that will ultimately translate into a fruitful and long-lasting professional collaboration.

Recruitment process as part of executive search services

The recruitment process for the Executive Search Service consists of the following levels:

  1. a detailed analysis of the client's needs,

  2. building a project strategy,

  3. in-depth research of the labour market for the professionals to be sought,

  4. the recruitment process and the selection of the best candidates based on psychometric tools,

  5. the meeting with the selected candidates,

  6. the personal presentation of the shortlisted candidates,

  7. checking the references of the recommended candidates,

  8. the activities of the Assessment and Development Centre and/or the Lumin test as an additional tool to check compliance,

  9. offer and support in the negotiation process between the candidate and our client,

  10. completion of the recruitment process, and evaluation of the process.

We ensure complete confidentiality of communications between the parties and, in the case of important information, the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

Cpl professionals will provide expert support, market access and the best network of contacts. Want to learn more about executive search?

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