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What questions to ask an employer during an interview.

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Have you ever felt after an interview that you didn't get all the information about a position? Or maybe it was only a few days later that the questions you didn't ask came to mind. Below we'll point out what questions you should ask the recruiter.

In addition to the standard questions you should ask such as responsibilities, salary, form of contract, etc., there are a few more questions that will allow you to get to know your future employer and your position better.

Development path for your position - it is worth asking straight away how the employer sees development for the position, after what time is promotion possible, what does it depend on, what is the structure of the company like.

Qualifications for the position - ask yourself if your skills and experience are sufficient, or if there is something you excel at or need to work on. This information will give you an advantage in the next stages of the recruitment process.

The recruitment process - what it looks like, who will lead it, how many stages there are, how long the company will take to make a decision. You'll know what to expect and the possible long wait for the company's decision won't frustrate you.

What happened to the predecessor - The recruiter won't always be able to answer this question, but it's always worth asking, maybe the company is expanding AND creating a new position, maybe the previous person couldn't handle the responsibilities - this is always an indication of what challenges may await you.

The team - it's worth asking if this is an independent position or if it will be a team effort. How many people are in the possible team, is there a lot of turnover in the team. It's worth knowing if you are coming to a pre-established team or if a completely fresh team is being formed.​